In the early 1920’s in Indiana, a time and location filled with racial decimation and hate, a group of young men, girded the shield of the guardian. Their first assignment was to protect a group of school teachers that sought to form an organization that developed a platform for the black female educator. This organization is known as Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. These men, known as Rhomeo’s did not aspire to build their own legacy but rather protect the vision and dreams of those that were unable to do so themselves.
As the time progressed and the climate changed so did the purpose of these men. They transitioned from guardian to builder. It was the job of a Sigma Rhomeo to become whatever Sigma Gamma Rho Inc could not,
we walked side by side building a legacy that provided: service to the helpless while stressing the importance
of a firm educational foundation. histimage_01In the late 1980’s as times changed, so did the purpose of Rhomeo. The name changed to the Fraternal Order of Classy Gentlemen: Sigma Rhomeo and the purpose transitioned from builder to architect. Our goal became to:

Empower collegiate men to build stronger families and communities in an effort to produce a positive impact on society.  To provide a standard of academic, social and cultural excellence through our unique brotherhood, partnerships and various service projects.

Since that time, the Fraternity has grown by many chapters throughout the South, Midwest, and Eastern
regions of the United States. In the spring of 1997, FOCG: Sigma Rhomeo Inc. held the first Southwest Regional meeting of the organization at Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, TX. to assess the future direction of the Fraternity. The members of the Southwest region decided to initiate the idea of a national body with its Eastern region counter parts.


On October 31, 1998, members of FOCG: Sigma Rhomeo Inc. held the first national convention on the campus at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. With unanimous agreement of the chapters of the Eastern region, it was decided to elect an Executive Board to govern over the business of the organization. Now under the guidance of the Grand Council, the once localized organization moved forward as a National Fraternity.

“A Unique History, A Unique Brotherhood of Men Edifying Others”

Sigma R

Fraternal Symbols

  The Sigma Rhomeo Coat of Arms was adopted in 1983, and is our most honored symbol. It has constantly evolved over the years into its current form to coincide with our history. The Coat of Arms may be used as the primary logo for the purposes of internal, member-to-member communication, member apparel or specific …

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